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In a world that often looks backward for wisdom, we find ourselves yearning for a sign, a guidepost, to navigate the complexities of life. The prophets of the Old Testament spoke into the chaos of their times with messages that echo into ours, pointing toward a promised hope - the coming of the Messiah. But how do these ancient prophecies resonate with us today?

Join us for "Come, Emmanuel," where we'll journey through the prophecies of old with a sense of anticipation and discovery. We'll unpack the rich tapestry of messages foretelling the Messiah's arrival and uncover how these timeless words inspire us to look forward with hope. This series isn't just a historical walkthrough; it's a fresh encounter with the promise of Emmanuel, "God with us," and how this promise can transform our understanding of the present and our vision for the future.
God designed you for community, which means life is better together and we believe that being involved in a group is the best way for you to grow in your relationship with God and others. 
At the International Baptist Church of Debrecen everyone is welcome.  We create space for you to ask questions, engage in life-giving community, discover your gifts, and worship Jesus. Learn more about who we are as a church by clicking Learn More.
A monthly plan to equip & encourage you to pray.
Let our team pray for you throughout the week.
Life is challenging—don't go through it alone. 

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