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In a rapidly changing world, many grapple with a rising sense of uncertainty and anxiety. The notion of fearing anything, especially the Lord, might seem old-fashioned or even counterintuitive. But what if the "fear of the Lord" isn't about being scared, but rather about a profound reverence, awe, and understanding of His majesty and love? This understanding can anchor us, guide us, and fill us with wisdom in these tumultuous times.

Dive in with us for "Fear of God." We'll explore the depths of what it truly means to fear the Lord and how this divine perspective can reshape our lives, bringing clarity, purpose, and a renewed sense of wonder in our walk with Him.
At the International Baptist Church of Debrecen everyone is welcome.  We create space for you to ask questions, engage in life-giving community, discover your gifts, and worship Jesus. Learn more about who we are as a church by clicking Learn More.
A monthly plan to equip & encourage you to pray.
Let our team pray for you throughout the week.
Life is challenging—don't go through it alone. 

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